Chicago Energy Consultants was founded because we believe energy independence and individual responsibility go hand in hand. We use the latest technologies to help diagnose problems in your home that can cause uncomfortable drafts, unusable rooms, and high energy bills. We here at Chicago Energy Consultants look forward to being able to help you be comfortable in every room in your home, save money on utility bills, and to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Our views on efficiency and sustainability extend beyond the home, please contact us regarding our services for Small Businesses and Commercial properties, as well as for computer datacenter or server rooms.

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Chicago Energy Consultants uses RESNET certified energy auditorsChicago Energy Consultants is an EPA Energy Star partner

How does your home measure up currently? Find out how to perform your own energy audit on our Resources page.

Beware of greenwashing! Check credentials and references; energy audits should be performed by certified professionals.

Why would you want an Energy Audit?

So you know where your money is going; because right now it is literally going through the roof, out the door, and down the drain!

Questions? E-mail us at, or call us at 773-969-6697